Cross Timbers Trail Run

5 Mile / Half Marathon / Marathon / 50K Ultramarathon

February 22, 2020


Enjoy the rugged trails on the shoreline of Lake Texoma on the Texas side with the comfortable temperatures that come with being in Texas in February. We have distances to create an enjoyable day or a hard-fought challenge for anyone!

Lake Texoma is situated right on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. This lake is very popular, attracting 6 million visitors a year. 300-400 runners and walkers gather together every February to run the Cross Timbers Trail out-and-back along the lake's shore. It's a challenging wooded course with lots of roots, rocks, and hills to keep you challenged and engaged!

Course Layout

The course is two-way traffic.

50K: 1 time out-and-back on the full trail, 1 smaller loop on the 5 mile course.

Marathon: 1 time out-and-back on the full trail.

Half Marathon: 1 time out-and-back on a portion of the trail.

5 Mile: 1 time out-and-back on a smaller portion of the trail.




This shows the full out-and-back used for the marathon (1 time out and back). 5 Mile loops around where you see the "CB" on the map..

Details on the aid stations this year...

Mileage is not for contestation. You will cover at least the distance you signed up for.



Garmin GPS devices aren't exact, but here is one elevation profile from a runner in 2016. This is a hilly course. Note that the new trail was created in late 2015 / early 2016, so any courses before 2016 will not reflect the current course. Click on this elevation profile to see it full screen.



This is not an exhaustive list but some hazards to watch out for on the trail:

  • Tree roots.
  • Rocky terrain.
  • Steep climbs.
  • Cliff drop-offs to the side of the trail.



We will be using a combination of

  • bright pink contractor tape flagging, with reflective tape on the ends to capture the light of your headlamp in the dark, that will be clothespinned to tree branches and bushes.
  • bright pink stake flags for any major field sections that don't have bushes.
  • arrow signs (left, right, straight)

You may see CAUTION tape quarantining off a place to NOT go. And in other spots where there's an intersection, just follow the flagging for the right route to take. Flagging will be visible from where you are standing in the intersection.

Confidence flagging: For trail sections where there's no possible logical offshoot of a trail that you could take other than the one you are on, you may go as far as a half mile without flagging.

If you ever get to a spot where you are completely unsure of where you are, backtrack on the path you took until you get to course markers. If you become utterly and completely lost, never ever go off trail. Sit down where you are and wait until someone gets to you.



See here on the Race Details page...



See here on the Race Details page...



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