Cross Timbers Trail Run

5 Mile / Half Marathon / Marathon / 50 Mile Ultramarathon

February 16, 2019

A Reminder to Registrants About Limited Shirts and Medals Available

Race Shirts

If you signed up early enough, as is the case for most entrants, you were able to choose your shirt size during registration. You will get the shirt size you listed during registration at packet pickup. Because all shirts are allocated to those who registered early, you may swap shirts only AFTER your race.

For those who registered later and chose "NO GUARANTEED SHIRT", this will be printed on your bib. We are expecting we MIGHT be able to get you the shirt size you want based on how many people we think won't attend the race. After your race, just ask (you'll have to show your bib), and we'll show you what shirts remain.

For those who registered the latest, the only option available was a checkbox where you had to agree you understand that there will be absolutely no extra shirts available. Your bib will say "Absolutely no shirt". I'd rather give people the chance to run rather than limit us to a number based on ordered shirts, so I appreciate your understanding.

Finisher Medals

For those late entrants who have "No Guaranteed Medal" on their entry in the Bib Listing...

This is a reminder that your bib will be marked to indicate you shouldn't take a finisher medal at the finish automatically. But instead you will need to talk to the Race Director to see if there were enough no-shows for you to have a medal on race day. This ensures that those who signed up very early get their medal over late entrants, regardless of how fast they finish the race.

As a reminder, this is the checkbox you had to agree to when you registered as we were already approaching sell out: "I understand that by registering late, finisher medal quantities were guessed and ordered way before now and have been allocated to all those registered before me. While we don't expect everyone to show up to the race, if everyone was to, I would not be able to take a medal home on race day, One medal will be kept back that I can take a picture with. My race bib will be marked with an X to indicate I have no guarantee of getting a medal at the time of my finish. I can ask after I finish if there were enough no-shows to take a medal home that day. If there are not enough medals, an order will be put in with the medal manufacturer after the race, and my medal will be delivered about 4-6 weeks after the race. So again, I understand I will get a medal if I finish the race, but I may not get it ON race day."

Thanks for your understanding!


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